PetroGEN is an engineering consulting firm with expertise in upstream Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Carbon Capture and Storage industry. In this changing environment in Energy sector PetroGEN is committed to provide innovative engineering solutions to its clients. PetroGEN believes in quality conscious intelligent engineering. At PetroGEN the most valuable asset is our people and we are very proud to say that PetroGEN is a young and dynamic organisation of talented people.

PetroGEN is a UK-based engineering consultancy, in its start-up phase, to Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Carbon Capture and Storage Industry, offering its services on a global basis. We have expertise in Front End Engineering, Technical Design Reviews and various types of studies like debottlenecking/ revamping which enable our clients to fully realise value of their assets. Our clients include large and small E&P companies and operators. Our aim is always to give our clients, large or small, public or private, exemplary services and products.

As we think innovation starts with people, we thrive for innovation through our organisational culture. We believe innovation is need of the time in energy sector and essential to provide simplified solutions to the most intricate problems. Innovation leads to progress for us and for our clients. Innovation can be in a form of a product, service, or business model and we are committed to be innovative as we thrive to achieve our vision.

We work in all major, and minor, Energy sectors. We have considerable project experience in West Africa, Middle East, North Sea, North Africa and the FSU.  PetroGEN has access to expertise in all stages in the E&P cycle, from frontier exploration to mature field production projects, both oil and gas, onshore and offshore, including in deepwater.

At PetroGEN we are strongly customer-focussed, aiming to deliver to our clients’ specific needs by providing a flexible and bespoke service. The project scope and resources that we deploy are adapted to meet individual client requirements and expectations, whether for a quick review or an intensive study.  We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive, providing our clients with a service that meets their needs and ensuring that we achieve a high level of repeat business.

PetroGEN delivers its work to exacting technical standards. We maintain the strict confidentiality of all client projects and have secure and compliant office systems which ensure the integrity of data, interpretations and information flow.

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