Energy Transition

Energy transition refers to the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption to renewable energy sources i.e. decarbonisation.

Our Role

As a consultancy services provider, we support our customers to achieve their decarbonisation goals. We believe the overall decarbonisation goals can only be achieved by collective efforts and knowledge sharing.

Our Services

We provide services in following Energy Transition sectors.

> Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation

  • Green Field Facility
  • Integration with Existing Facility

> Hydrogen Production, Transportation and Storage

Hydrogen generation technologies are increasingly being codified by referring to a scheme based on different colors. The main colors that are being considered are the following:

  • Green Hydrogen: when produced by electrolyzers supplied by renewable electricity (and in some cases through other pathways based on bioenergy, such as biomethane reforming or solid biomass gasification)
  • Blue Hydrogen: through the combination of grey hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS), to avoid most of the GHG emissions of the process
  • Grey (or brown/black) hydrogen, produced by fossil fuels (mostly natural gas and coal), and causing the emission of carbon dioxide in the process
  • Turquoise hydrogen, via the pyrolysis of a fossil fuel, where the by-product is solid carbon
  • Yellow (or purple) hydrogen, when produced by electrolyzers supplied by electricity from nuclear power plants



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